Stress can HELP me? Whaaaaaa?

For one tiny itty bitty moment, let’s think of stress as a relationship instead of an enemy. If you can imagine stress as something that could help you, what in the world does it do? Let’s be friends! Stress is a life-long relationship that you can’t ignore. By treating it like an enemy, it’s as … Continue reading Stress can HELP me? Whaaaaaa?

Who’s the Editor of Your Story?

In control. Powerful. Autonomous. These words represent our mindset and state of being when we are in a healthy relationship with stress. However, too often the words that represent the reality of our relationship with stress include “powerlessness”, “out of control”, and “helpless”. Worse, that sense of hopelessness is amplified by a desire to avoid … Continue reading Who’s the Editor of Your Story?

Creating Resilience in Change

The start-up world celebrates experiments and failures as the fastest way to discover what actually works. It’s high energy, collaborative, disruptive … and fun. Up to this point, we are in a high state of learning. But THEN you find something that seems to really work for you. Things are falling into place! However, we … Continue reading Creating Resilience in Change