Habit Program: Building Strong Teams

Do you experience these mindsets on your team? 

– Let’s not rock the boat TOO much (habit 1)
– Nobody gets what’s really going on (habit 2)
– Decisions are for managers (habit 3)
– You have to protect yourself (habit 4)
– There’s no time for self care (habit 5)

Is your team needing to regain hope? Or is your team simply totally brand new? 

If any or several of these mindsets resonate with you, then you’re feeling the hopelessness OR newness of a team that can be transitioned into deep purpose. This growth in competency tree focuses on building habits that give you the autonomy to reject the status quo and embrace your full creativity individually and as a team.

So, let’s start shifting your habits now … the Hedgehog Way! (See process here)

Increasing Competency Content

Habits Status

Habit #1: Discovering our curiosity (Learning as an adult)


Habit #2: Giving a crap (Engaging intrinsic motivation)


Habit #3: Just tell me what we're doing! (Addressing decision making challenges)


Habit #4: Showing up...for real (Creating healthy communication)


Habit #5: We are not disembodied brains! (Connecting health to work effectiveness)