Habit Program: Cultivating a Learning Culture

Do you experience or see these mindsets around you, or even feel them? 

– A sense of always being behind and overwhelmed (habit 1)
– Well intentioned plans go sideways (habit 2)
– Politics and agendas block real change (habit 3)
– Lipstick on the pig get continual support (habit 4)
– Work is measured through numbers, not behaviour (habit 5)

If any or several of these mindsets resonate with you, then you’re feeling what we call the hamster wheel. This growth in competency tree focuses on building habits that give you the autonomy to reject the status quo and embrace your full creativity.

So, let’s start shifting your habits now … the Hedgehog Way! (See process here)

Increasing Competency Content

Habits Status

Habit #1: Finding Faulty Wiring (Accepting what our brain does poorly)


Habit #2: Fixing the Wiring (Maximising our brain's abilities)


Habit #3: Avoiding Brain Traps (Addressing learning bias)


Habit #4: Stop Beating your Head Against the Wall (Addressing problems instead of chasing symptoms)


Habit #5: Measure the Right Things (Measuring the impact)