Habit Program: Stressing Less

Are you ready for less stress? 

It’s often a default opinion that stress is out of your control. However, you CAN move beyond stress to a happier and healthier life, giving us a more productive and successful life as a result.

If you want to take back your day, your month, your year … this growth in competency tree provides you the tools to take action in addressing core issues instead of chasing symptoms. You will have the opportunity to build habits to stress less.

So, let’s start shifting your habits now … the Hedgehog Way! (See process here)

Increasing Competency Content

Habits Status

Habit #1: Understanding your stress (Being able to articulate the role of stress in your life)


Habit #2: Discerning how stress impacts me (Learning how stress impacts me in different places in my life)


Habit #3: Managing your stress (Skills for managing your stress)