Would you like continuous improvement to be as natural as breathing?

Today’s workforce is crippled by the stress of a work environment demanding constant action. This pressure prevents learning and improvement, in turn disempowering teams, reducing performance and productivity, and causing regrettable attrition. In the rare opportunities for training, it is delivered in large chunks with overwhelming amounts of information… and thus has little or no impact.

That’s where we come in … introducing The Hedgehog Way! We empower teams and drive sustainable change through a focused program that shifts habits with supporting weekly adjustments that we call, MicroShifts. Our programs provide relevant learning without disruption to the normal flow of work.

Individuals and teams experiencing this together grow in each specific competency, continually practicing critical thinking and learning patterns. Over time, this habit of learning becomes ingrained and improves overall organisational effectiveness (find the theory behind our method here).


 Feedback from our Pre-Launch (May 2018)

Benefits of our approach include:

1.  Respects today’s mobile-oriented workforce;
2.  Focuses the learning on one habit at a time;
3.  Shapes learning experiences to be personal to each individual;
4.  Encourages a habit of learning; and
5.  Provides a cost-effective path to teams developing a continuous improvement mindset.

What You Need to Commit:

Throughout Week – Individually experiment and reflect with that week’s concepts as a part of your daily work
Each Monday – dedicate 30 minutes to participating in group call facilitated by our team to reflect on the previous week’s experiences and kicking off the new week’s MicroShift!


Are you ready for positive change that gives you energy instead of creating more work?