Would you like to have less stress?

Stress … it’s that thing we assume we have to live with. It’s that thing that is inflicted on us. We know it’s unhealthy. We know it hurts our creativity. We know that we don’t learn under stress. Yet, somehow, we have learned to just assume it’s part of life.

Nope! Fixing stress -is- within your control. This competency tree helps you learn how to take action, creating enough time to unpack your stress and addressing the core issues instead of chasing symptoms, or even worse, giving up. Learning how to take these actions in small bite-sized chunks helps you create the habits necessary to own your life, instead of stress owning it.

That’s where we come in … introducing The Hedgehog Way! We empower teams and drive sustainable change. We developed a focused program that shifts habits with supporting weekly adjustments we call MicroShifts. This provides relevant learning without disruption to the normal flow of work.

Individuals and teams experiencing this together grow in each specific competency, continually practicing critical thinking and learning patterns. Over time, this habit of learning becomes ingrained and improves overall organisational effectiveness (find the theory behind our method here).

Benefits of our approach include:

1.  Respects today’s mobile-oriented workforce;
2.  Focuses the learning on one habit at a time;
3.  Shapes learning experiences to be personal to each individual;
4.  Encourages a habit of learning; and
5.  Provides a cost-effective path to teams developing a continuous improvement mindset.

We are launching the Stressing Less Competency Tree to ensure our developer process is effective and engaging, and we would love for you to join us on this journey! We are offering the first habit shift of Understanding Your Stress (5 weekly MicroShifts) as an opportunity to get a taste of the full Competency Tree shifting experience!

How to Get Started

1.  Go to our Store and select the Pre-Launch Demo tree that is selling one habit of Stressing Less.
Apply the coupon code of thank-you in the check-out page.
3. You will receive a receipt and an automated welcome email that provides your account details and learning space.
4. You will receive a personal phone call from the Hedgehog Way coach and writer of this competency tree, Ellen Leonard, within 48 hours to orient you to the learning space.

What to Expect IN the Journey

What You Need to Commit

Each Monday – 30 minutes participating in group call facilitated by our team to reflect on the previous week’s experiences and kicking off the new week’s MicroShift!
Throughout Week – Experiment and reflect with the concept as a part of daily work


Are you thinking, wow, I can’t start that soon! I’m too busy?

Then it’s actually the perfect time to test this as this process integrates habit shift behaviours in every day busy lives!

Week of 6 Aug: Engaging Awareness
Week of 13 Aug: Microshift #1 Becoming Aware of our Stressors
Week of 20 Aug: Microshift #2 Understanding the Controls you DO Have
Week of 27 Aug: Microshift #3 Learning the Benefits of Stress
Week of 3 Sept: Microshift #4 Exploring Coping Mechanisms

Are you ready for positive change that gives you energy
instead of feeling lost in a sea of work?