Stress can HELP me? Whaaaaaa?

For one tiny itty bitty moment, let’s think of stress as a relationship instead of an enemy. If you can imagine stress as something that could help you, what in the world does it do?

Let’s be friends!

Stress is a life-long relationship that you can’t ignore. By treating it like an enemy, it’s as if we are cropping this constant companion from all of our pictures. What would it be like if we looked at the entire picture? This friend has totally been there for you in the past! They helped you get through college! And just last week, your friend stress helped you get that report in to your boss on time.

First though, is the challenge of moving our instinctive reaction of viewing stress as our enemy to a more constructive relationship. We might not be ready for a full friendship, so how about frien-emy? When we have relationship, we can better dissect what’s stressing you and identify what’s annoying you (that’s the part that can take a hike!).

Let’s be real!

So, think about this relationship realistically. When has stress helped you? And how can you use that information to help you in the future?

Another great metaphor for stress is that it’s simply a tool. Power tools especially can inflict a great deal of harm on us when we don’t learn how to use them properly or don’t take control of them. However, they are incredible ways to build beautiful things.

So it’s up to you; do you choose to use your stress tool to your advantage, or do you choose to let your stress tool continue hurting you?



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