Making Change Real and Sustainable

Organisations invest a lot in training. It is visible. It is measurable. There is clear ROI. But is there? Change is a necessary part of the competitive business, while stability is a necessary party of the human need. So leaders (in business) or just life initiates a change that is out of the individual’s control … while that change may be a much better plan for the long run, there is perceived damage and frustration for the individual.

The solution? Provide training on said change to help provide context and safety for those experiencing that change. This training assumes a change a behaviour, but as most training has a scattergun approach, the knowledge being acquiring may or may not be useful in the immediate need, missing the opportunity to bridge short-term and long-term memory.

The results? The behaviour doesn’t change, the purpose is not understood, and resistance gives way to giving up.

How do we cultivate the value of change while respecting individual contribution?

By learning in small batches. By learning as we are doing. By learning with experimentation. By learning through experience sharing and targeted feedback.

The concepts behind microlearning give us a pattern of acquiring knowledge more naturally and allows us to create a learning framework to facilitate the change. It’s not that training is wrong; it’s simply that it’s not enough! The human brain must experiment, value, and share experiences before the “new” becomes a natural part of working behaviour.

The Hedgehog Way works with organisations, teams, and individuals to coach change that is sustainable and empowers learning through habit building techniques!

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