Take power over your coping mechanisms.

Remember that relationship that was just so intense? When your partner or friend just would not let it go? That is usually the moment where “I’m going to get some air” … “just let me go out and have some thinking time” … or “I need some space.” That doesn’t mean the relationship is doomed; merely that it got too intense in that situation for you to handle in that moment and need some self-soothing.

Your relationship with stress is no different! Sometimes that stress just gets too intense and you need the proverbial walk to get away and clear your head; perhaps listen to music. This can manifest in so many forms … Netflix, chocolate, wine, reading, smoking, running … literally anything that is reaction to your desire to self-sooth after a stress attack. We call this coping.

There’s no doubt that every human copes. We do not suggest that coping is wrong (we assume you are human); we do suggest that you have the power to own what kind of coping you choose to use. By being fully aware of your coping defaults, you can have a win-win scenario by simply deciding between continuing to use that coping mechanism or deciding if you want to replace it with something more healthy or more useful.

Just like stress is a power tool that is within your control to handle, coping is an equally powerful tool. You can make the coping tool work for you constructively by simply knowing what they are, determining if they are serving you, and if not finding alternatives that do serve you.

Taking the time to understand your coping mechanisms isn’t about finding more ways that you need to be better. It’s simply about building self-awareness of what you are doing so that you can more easily get to what you WANT to be doing!




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