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Each of us deserves the empowerment of the Hedgehog Principle. To do what we are good at – to do what we love – and to make a living doing both of those things. We also deserve the opportunities of a Learning Mindset. To journey towards a growth mindset – to have space for reflection – to have our strengths flourish – and to engage in sharing that promotes systems perspective.

Instead? We are overloaded and working with overwhelmed teams, coworkers, and bosses. We are in splintered groups across a company that don’t coordinate well. The overarching mindset is one of survival.

A hedgehog can pursue their own experience within the Hedgehog Principle (talent, desire, economic viability) as well as continually increase their Learning Mindset (growth mindset, reflection oriented, strength awareness, systems perspective). 

Rather than focusing on the product, the service, the bottom dollar;
we help you focus on the one thing that keeps the organisation at its competitive edge: the people.

If your team is needing to regain hope,
let us help them kick ass together!

If your team is suffering from the hamster wheel,
let us help them make work easier!

If your team is needing to take back their day,
let us help them stress less! 

How do Hedgehogs naturally incorporate learning into everything they do, creating sustainable shifts in their behaviour?

By focusing on building habits that are sustainable… those sustainable habits that empower learning at the instinctive level.

Organisations invest a lot into training, but that doesn’t assume effective learning. Employees already experience cognitive overload balancing their workload while squeezing in an average of 30-60 minutes of training requirements each week. Yet the knowledge they are acquiring may or may not be useful to them today. The result? Behaviour doesn’t change.

The truth is that we target learning poorly, deliver it painfully, and measure it incorrectly.

We spent $156 billion dollars on learning programs in 2011 just in the USA, and why was so much of that money wasted? Training can be good or bad, but the real issue is that we aren’t measuring what behaviour is changing as a result.

Employees want to be real contributors and experience learning in a personalised way. Both the organisation and individual needs can be achieved through the focused learning, experimentation, reflection, and sharing that we provide. 

A culture of continuous learning is needed for the potential to be able to increase continuously. True learning organisations require fundamental changes in how we and our teams perceive the world: we need to shift to learning continuously with speed, focus, agility… and passion.

The Hedgehog Way focuses on providing teams with habit building skills that help them learn naturally while working and shift their behaviours sustainably based on an identified problem or need. Our role in that shifting includes these five features.

Not only are they able to build productive learning habits, but our process also increases self-awareness, develops shared trust, ensures authentic learning no matter the location, and aligns their personal values to the larger shared goals.

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