Who’s the Editor of Your Story?

In control.

These words represent our mindset and state of being when we are in a healthy relationship with stress. However, too often the words that represent the reality of our relationship with stress include “powerlessness”, “out of control”, and “helpless”. Worse, that sense of hopelessness is amplified by a desire to avoid the very relationship we need to address the most: our stress.

“My stress….” — did you just get an image of a huge blob that is suffocating you?
Even considering personal stress can feel overwhelming and understandably so. We have to tackle such huge concepts in ways that feel possible.

Imagine sitting down with a great classic book, an epic story. Would you read it straight through? Of course not. It deserves your attention, reflection, and has so many nuances that if you did read it straight through, you’d miss so much! You are much more likely to read it chapter by chapter, and give it some thought after each chapter.

Your stress is that book. Even if you did feel the energy to take it on and really analyse everything at once, how many nuances would you miss? Your stress is a sum of small and more manageable parts; in this case, chapters. So take your stress one chapter at a time. What chapter can’t you edit? What chapter can you edit?

If we focus only the chapters of our story that we can’t edit, then we just stare at the book and develop a cycle of learned helplessness around the whole thing. Instead, we can learn to recognise which chapters you can control, and take that power back!




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